Who Should Upgrade to the New OpenCart


In August, 2012 OpenCart released a minor new version of OpenCart, Version This new version introduces a total of fifteen changes to the program. Five are brand-new features, five are product improvements, and five are bug or other fixes.

A. Five New Features:

The new OpenCart Version contains five new features. These are:

1. Fedex Shipping Module for worldwide merchants

2. AusPost Shipping Module for Australian merchants

3. PayMate Payment Module for Australian merchants

4. New Report: View Customers Online to see who is in your store, right now!

5. Searchable fields: Six new types that customers can search on, including SKU: Stock Keeping Unit; UPC: Universal Product Code; EAN: European Article Number; JAN: Japanese Article Number; ISBN: International Standard Book Number; and MPN: Manufacturer Part Number.

B. Improvements:

This version also included the following improvements that are not visible for the typical online store owner. There are no changes in the user Administration Panel with these changes:

1. Updated the doctype to html5

2. Update Authorize.net (AIM) for Shipping information

3. Added salt columns for better security: Salt is a way to strengthen the security of encrypted data. It is a random string added to the data before it is encrypted, causing repetition of text in the clear to appear different when encrypted. Salt removes the one common method attackers use to steal data, namely, matching patterns of encrypted text.

4. Using mCrypt for better encryption security (now requires PHP mcrypt extension).

5. Better image re-sizing. If an image is the correct size it won’t be re-sized.

C. Bug Fixes:

This version contains the following five bug fixes:

6. Show stock warning only if enabled for individuals products.

7. Sending mail to customers fails when SSL enabled

8. Delete address from address book fix

9. Customer Blacklist IPv6 fix

10. Use default PNG compression level of 6

Who should upgrade to OpenCart

Not every OpenCart merchant should upgrade immediately to any new software version. There is always the possibility of incompatibilities with existing modifications, extensions, or templates that have been added to your store.

Those who should strongly consider upgrading to this new version include:

· Any merchants who currently have a Fedex account and who wish to use that account with their OpenCart store will want to upgrade to this version.

· Australian merchants who want to offer their customers the PayMate Australian Payment Module or the Auspost Shipping Module.

· Any merchant who needs to take advantage of searchable fields such as ISBN, UPC or EAM.

· Any merchant who wants to strengthen the security of their online store, and or

· Any merchant who has been having problems with the bugs in the list above.

CAUTION: You MUST follow the upgrade instructions exactly if you upgrade an existing store, including first making a full backup of your files and database BEFORE you apply the upgrade. If this sounds difficult, please consider hiring a techie to upgrade for you for a small fee.


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