What Are the Benefits of Working With Dreamweaver?


The benefits of using Dreamweaver over plain html coding from scratch are endless. Dreamweaver creates a lot of the code for the user already, which makes it incredibly useful for those who have no idea what they are doing and, for the people who do know how to code html, they can always add it to the written code a lot easier.

You can switch between code view and the design view and Website Design Company can even have both in the same window to keep tabs on any changes that you have made. Also, when you save your site, you can view your page in a web browser just to see what it would look like on the internet. For this you do not have to be on the internet to view it, as you can view it without your computer being online.

If you do edit any code, there are tools on Dreamweaver that help to correct any mistakes in the syntax. There are so many great features in Dreamweaver that you would not get in ordinary html editors.

Another great feature in Dreamweaver is the layout tool. You can use this to get an idea of where you put your navigation, menus, pictures, etc. Overall, Dreamweaver is worth learning if you are serious about web design, so why not start today and show the world just how good your website can be.

The vast majority of professional Web Developers wouldn’t dream of using Dreamweaver Dreamweaver’s code view generates the XHTML / CSS code for you, and this results in code that is at best adequate and at worst bloated and over-complicated.

There is no substitute for having a solid understanding of standards-compliant XHTML / CSS and writing the code by hand, using which ever text editor you feel comfortable with, whether this is Dreamweaver’s own code view or something else.

Dreamweaver is like a toy tool – it’s useful for starting out into web development – new developers might find the layout view intuitive. And even the drag-and-drop widgets/controls for hooking up to a database might be useful for basic tasks. But if you need to do something that’s not out-of-the-box catered for by Dreamweaver, you work your way through the codes written by Dreamweaver. On the plus side, though, the FTP client in Dreamweaver which mirrors local and remote copies of a site’s files is quite cool. Certainly the product is handier than using other famous software for uploading changed files to server.

You can’t really compare Macromedia Dreamweaver with any product. Dreamweaver can be put into a class of itself as a kind of application you use before you learn how to code properly. Drag & drop interfaces for coding just don’t feel right for me – if you can’t build the system yourself, then you don’t know how it will actually behave when it goes live.


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