Website Development for Beginners


So now, you’ve decided that you want something that you can look back to and say to others, “hey! that’s my work, that’s what I did “n” number of years ago and now I am reaping the profits” You want something that you can feel proud of! Yes. And that’s what everyone wants. As stated in the title, this is an article for beginners but feel free to read it. If there is one thing at the end of the article that you can take away, then I’ve succeeded.

So now, Let’s start for beginners who wants to know more about website designing and building your own business online.

1) Always know what you want. What kind of websites are you looking to create?

Are you looking to create..

  • A web store? Do you have suppliers? what kind of products are you intending on selling?
  • A Marketplace? A nice platform whereby you do not need to keep any inventory or sell anything, You collect commissions from people who sell at your website
  • A classified advertising platform? Allowing people to promote their products, goods and services to your website?
  • Or are you just out to create a blog to share your passion, interest and ideas?

Different objectives allows you to make decisions when you are down to looking for the best CMS(content management systems) which i will further explain later.

2) Always look around for a good web host that can serve your website needs. There are plenty of web hosts out there but which are the best? There are always places to look for answers.

  • Search engines (eg: Google and yahoo). type best web host, web hosting service, try out different combinations and check out the results
  • Read forums. there are often honest good reviews on different web host and how to look for a good ones, what to look out for (eg: features these web host offer) and more
  • Read reviews on people’s blog(check out what others are saying bout the web host that you are choosing.

3) Take some time choosing your domain name as this will be the name that you will want to stick with for the rest the time your website remains alive. It is important because your website is known to search engines like Google and yahoo through your domain name. Changing it can affect your website rankings in search engines and you can lose a lot of potential traffic.

4) Learn some basic coding like basic html and CSS as you will be using them often. CMS systems provide you with almost everything but the little tiny little preferences like the look of your website is something you will want to be able customize yourself because these are different based on individuals and CMS systems can’t possibly accommodate to every single person. You will need these.

Finally, website designing is not something that can be learned in a day or two. The best advice is to actually go hands on and try it. It takes trial and error over months and months of learning your own best way of designing a website. So start today and get your website up for everyone to see!


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