Smart Website Design Advanced Tips


The age of greater innovations in the IT industry now gives lots of options and features for webmasters, designers and even for the online users to interact with the web administrators and staff for quick actions and solutions to anything they might need at any given time. Aiming for an ideal web design for your online presence does not only include simple fonts, colors and plugins but it means that you provide the necessary tools and applications that every buyer can use to reach your site for any information or even purchase your products and services instantly.

Here are the advanced website design tips that you should master for smarter business in full gear.

CSS3 and HTML 5

CSS3 gives designers the comfort of designing and imaging in one creative tool. It helps designers with such great creative features as the shadow creation, image transparency and border radius creation for smarter effects.

The HTML 5, on the other hand, allows you to create smart designs without the Adobe Flash. HTML 5’s new video tag feature allows you to view videos without using the Adobe Flash. Since some newer platforms and operating systems may not be compatible with Adobe Flash, this video tag feature of the HTML 5 has become a great help for everyone.

Mobile Internet

Internet access not only covers desktops, laptops or notebooks but even with the mobile and smart phones as well. If you want to get endless traffic each day, you have to take note that mobile internet is such a great fad and necessity these days. You have to design your website to make it visible on almost all types of mobile phones. This means higher resolution and must be entirely compatible to every mobile phone’s operating system and features.

The Touch Screen Feature

Touch screens are now widely available with pocket PCs, smart phones even mobile phones, iPad and PC tablets. This new breakthrough in technology allows the users to execute tasks without dragging and pointing the mouse with its popular clicking function. It even eliminates the use of the keyboard in some instances. The touch technology uses a special pen to carry out tasks on your system by just touching the screen of your device. The touch screen technology must not be ignored in web design. Remember to equip your website design with the touch technology in order to make it available on almost all types of platforms and operating systems for all types of users.

Thumbnail Option

The thumbnail feature lets the users browse the web through the selection of websites on thumbnails. If you want to search for a certain site or some other related sites, your choices will appear on thumbnails that you can choose from. This option becomes so popular these days due to its creative visual effects. However, websites that are Flash-based do not have the capability for this stylish thumbnail feature.

If you want your website to function at its best performance with the latest technology it can ever offer to anyone on the web, then make sure to update it with the newest designs and functions that you need to keep it running in full gear. Get an updated service with great technological expertise from highly reputable web design companies.


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