PSD File to HTML: Basics of Any Website Conversion Process


When it comes to website development, it should be remembered that it is a quite a tedious, complex and cumbersome process. It involves a lot of steps and demands proper acumen, coding skills, and experience. One of the most important processes involved in website development is the conversion of PSD file to HTML. It is important to realize that PSD to HTML conversion is an important aspect which affects the functionality and performance of a website. This is why it is imperative to understand the basics of a website conversion process.

A website cannot be launched in a browser unless the PSD based design files are converted into proper HTML codes. PSD to HTML requires right efforts and skills. The very first step is to design the layout of the website. This PSD design is then edited using a good image editing software like Photoshop. The PSD file is opened and is sliced into various layers. The slicing process is done very carefully as even a small error can ruin things. The images should be sliced properly keeping in mind the different sections required like header, and footer etc. After slicing the images the web developer adds or deletes various components like buttons, links etc as per the requirement.

After adding the components next step is to code the web pages. Manual coding is a very tedious, time consuming and cumbersome process. It also requires accurate coding skills and experience in order to code web pages perfectly. However, it is only manual coding that guarantees quality website development. Manual coding is clean in structure and is completely error free. On the other hand, code generated with the help of a software does not guarantee a completely error free website.

It is the manual coding that ensures high quality and pixel perfect HTML code. Therefore, it is imperative to hire a reputed and experienced PSD to HTML service provider that guarantees manual coding in order to convert PSD to HTML.

Next step is to insert the content into website. Now this too is quite a critical step and demands proper acumen. It is very important to ensure that only good quality and relevant content is added to the website. Right and relevant content ensures that the website not only attracts the targeted audience but also increases the conversion rate.

After adding the content, the next and very important step is to test the website in various browsers. This must be done as it helps to identify and rectify errors, if any. Also, it ensures that the site is compatible with all the popular browsers that are commonly used world over.

Once you are done with the testing process, you can launch the website and make it go live. Quality methods and right approach are the sure shot ways of making a website conversion process a big success. Always hire a reputed and experienced PSD to HTML service provider that assurances quality services at an affordable price. This will ensure that you get quality results.


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