How to Start a Successful Website


Looking to start a successful website?

Don’t know what to do?

Are you looking for information to build a website for your business?

OK here is what you need to get started.

6 Steps to starting a website

1. You need a Domain Name: Gotta have a domain name like… EzineArticles(dot)com. If you know about real estate in New York City…Maybe “” It’s easy and only cost about 10 bucks. There are literally hundreds of places to register your domain name.

Just type in your favorite search engine without the quotes “Domain Name Registering”. Remember use the .com extension not .tv or .org. Most people will remember not!

2. Web hosting: Or as most internet marketing professional call it…a place to park your website. Kind of like a street vendor where you can showcase your products, services, and or both but only on the internet. Webhosting services are really cheap. Some hosting companies charge less than 4 bucks per month. Purchasing a domain is also very low usually about 2-5 bucks per month. So this means you can have a website started for about 15.00 USD dollars. Jeez…where else can you start a business fo 8.00 maybe 10 bucks? Oh by the way stay away from free web hosting companies.

3. Traffic: Yes just like the street vendor who needs lots of traffic so people can see what they have to offer. If you want a successful website you need traffic…and the best kind of traffic is free. Believe me free traffic is the best. You can get this kind of traffic from the Search Engines. There is no charge to submit your website to the S.E.’s. Do not use websites that will submit your website to thousands or even millions of places. They do not work…how do I know? Been There done that! It does not work man.

4. Learn HTML: Again there are thousands of website that will help you accomplish this. There are HTML tutorials, online lessons, downloadable ebooks, books at and a plethora of website to help you with the crazy machine language. If you want to be in charge of your website and or blog you need at least a good working knowledge of HTML.

5. Content for your website: You need content where do you get it? You get it from your own personal knowledge, from what’s inside your brain. Write about what you know…I can not stress this enough. You really do not need lots of flashy graphics, heavy javascripts, or tons of programs. Just get a pen and paper and write what you would like to convey to your website visitors.

6. Write articles: Yes write about what you know and submit them to article directories. Make sure to provide a link in your author resource section back to your website. This a great way to get good targeted traffic and one-way links back to your website.

Starting a Website

The best place to submit your good content article is at – Do yourself a favor and do it now.


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