How to Create a Social Networking Script Using Open-Source?


Such is the power of open-source that even the White House website has acknowledged it and made a switch to Drupal, a popular open-source CMS to manage websites. Even social media scripts are being designed on the open-source platform so as to launch powerful social media campaigns through social media websites.

So what exactly is open-source? It is nothing but a simple approach towards designing, development and distribution of software along with its source code and making it open for public for further development and maintenance. One can build upon a social networking script using a free to use open-source platform such as Drupal.

Drupal has gained prominence as an ace free available technology and many tech companies are designing services such as Social Networking using the social networking scripts designed on the open-source platform.

One can easily create a social media script using Drupal, which according to my experience of using various most robust technology which is constantly re-inventing itself with every newer release. Many popular websites on the internet have deployed Drupal and are benefiting from the fantastic functionalities that their Drupal-powered websites are delivering now.

The Following modules can come in handy in implementing a social networking script:

o Activity (Tracks activities which people do on your

social networking site. Eg. Jim is Louis’ latest fan)

o Appbar (A toolbar at the bottom of the window with links and AJAX-driven notifications just like Facebook)

o Invite (helps in sending and tracking invitations which are an important element on building upon a network)

o Comment Notify (a utility to alert viewers and notify them of areas where comments were left after their interactions)

o Content Construction Kit (CCK lets you make any type of content allowing you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser)

o Private Message (Enables messaging from user-to-user)

o FlagFriend

o NodeProfiles

o Event

o Friendlist


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