How to Create a Google Form


If you need a form on your web site, or to use internally at your business, Google Forms may be just the answer. A Google Form is easy to create and the results feed into a spreadsheet so you can do pretty much anything you want with them.

Here is how to create a Google Form. You will need a Google account to do this, so if you don’t already have one, go to and sign up.

Step 1: Log in to

Step 2: Go to New, then Form (the left-most button on the top navigation bar).

Step 3:Type in a title for your form where it says “Untitled form”.

Step 4:Type in any text to describe your form in the next box.

Step 5:The next box you see is titled Name. This is a pre-created form box for typing in a person’s name. You can leave it alone or edit it by putting your mouse cursor over it and then clicking on the picture of the pencil. You can also delete it by clicking on the picture of the trash can. The other icon, the two boxes, allows you to create a copy of it. This is the same for any question you create.

Step 6:Create your first question. Type in a question title. This can be an actual question or just a word such as Name or Address.

Step 7: If you would like, you can include Help Text. This will give further instruction on what kind of information should be filled in. This is not usually necessary.

Step 8: With the drop down box called Type, you can choose which type of question to use. Your choices are:

  • Text: A one line text box that anything can be typed in to.
  • Paragraph Text: A multiple line text box that anything can be typed in to.
  • Multiple Choice: You set up different choices that can be chosen by clicking on a circle next to the choice. This allows only one selection.
  • Checkboxes: You set up different choices that can be selected by checking a box. This allows multiple selections.
  • Choose From a List: You set this up with different choices that will be presented in the form of a drop down box, and one of those choices can be selected (the Type drop down box is an example of this).
  • Scale: Set up a scale to choose from. Works good when are looking for people to rate something.

Step 9: Decide whether to make this a required question. If so, check the box to enable this. If you do, the form cannot be submitted unless this question is answered.

Step 10: Click done.

Simply repeat these steps until you have all of your questions filled out. If you would like to rearrange your questions, simply click and drag a question to its new position.

On the top right of the page, you will have several options of what to do with the form right away. You can send it via e-mail if you would like. Under the More Actions button you can get a code to embed the form in a web site. You can also edit the Summary, which is the note that shows up after the form is submitted. It is a good idea to edit this.

Once you have finished, go back to the main Google Docs page. Your new form will show up under All Items. When you open it, you will see a spreadsheet instead of a form. This is where the information from your form will be saved.

To view or edit your form, click on Form in the top navigation menu. You can also e-mail the form from here and get the embed code, or publish the form as its own web page.


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