How To Build Your Own Web Site


Once you decide to start your own internet business you

will experience the challenge of building your own web

site. There are factors you need to consider such as what

platform you will go for. Personally I would go for a

Unix/MySQl/Php configuration over Windows. The reason for

this is that you get a lot free scripts that you can use

and their are plenty of paid scripts as well. You also do

not have to pay any licensing fees for software.

Use websites like Website Wizard When first starting out on

the internet. Building your own web site can be a daunting

task. You need to learn Html, Php, Cgi and MySQL which can

be quite difficult. You also need to learn how to setup

your credit card processing, mailing list and affiliate

program. To be successful you need to focus most of your

efforts on marketing. I suggest you use a system like

Website Wizard which has most of the modules that you need

built into it. This allows you to focus on your marketing


In the long run I suggest you read a few html tutorials and

learn a lot of the web site design skills. For things which

are more complicated you can always outsource this. However

being able to do a lot of the tasks yourself will help you

to save money. Creating your own web site with your own

look and feel will always set you apart from competitors

and give you a distinct advantage.

Follow these how to build your own web site tips and you

will discover that building your own web site can be a lot

of fun.


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